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Next Generation Vacuum Soldering Systems


Neu Dynamics is proud to represent budatec GmbH – a leading machine manufacturer for the semiconductor and solar industry. Based in Berlin, budatec brings more than 20 years of experience in developing vacuum soldering technologies ranging from small R&D furnaces to fully automated soldering systems. They are recognized as a leader in this segment specializing in the use of hydrogen and plasma gases in their systems.
Budatec’s latest generation vacuum soldering systems continue to impress and offer increased flexibility, expandability and ease of integration.

Why Vacuum Soldering?

Vacuum soldering considerably increases yield in production. With better derivation of heat loss and integration of drying and degassing processes, this technology allows bonding surfaces to remain free from oxides and cavities resulting in little or no contamination on the product.
Other benefits include:
• Integrated (or separate implementation of) cleaning and scaling processes
• No degassing processes on the product
• Different pressure areas can be created inside the sealed chambers
• Sealing of chambers with a previously defined gas atmosphere
• Assembly in high vacuum
• Possibility of a further miniaturization

Budatec VS320i Vacuum Soldering System

First presented at productronica 2021 in Munich, the budatec VS320i Vacuum Soldering System builds on the

success of the VS320. With the next generation VS320i, each furnace has its own automatic loading and unloading system. As a result, it is simple to integrate the ovens into an existing inline line via the conveyor system. It offers increased flexibility because several ovens can be easily linked in series allowing the line to be adapted to the production capacities. You get a fully automatic inline vacuum brazing system that is simple to expand. Several technology steps can be integrated inline quickly and easily.

Features of the system include:

  • 1000x2000x1360 (w x h x d in mm)
  • Innovative swivel hood
  •  Integrated Y-Z axis system
  • X-transport by servo-controlled conveyor belt, choice of 1 or 2 belts
  • Direction of belt variable, also possible from right to left
  • Optional automatic filling of the HCOOH container from a canister
  • Simple interlinking by means of SMEMA
  • Optional MES protocol: SECS/GEM, OPC-UA, etc.
  • Heating plate 320mm x 320mm
  • 100mm chamber height
  • Vacuum up to 0.1mbar absolute
  • 2K/s heating and cooling
  • N2
  • Optional N2H2 (95/5), HCOOH, H2 (up to 100%)
A Full Range of Vacuum Soldering Systems

Budatec offers a full range of vacuum soldering systems to meet your needs from small, medium and large batch machines to fully automated production systems. Give us a call to learn how they can help you increase your yield in production!

Contact Kevin Hartsoe at (215) 355-2460 to learn more!


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