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Now Available: MPP Wedge Bonding Tools!


NDC International has been representing the Micro Point Pro LTD (MPP) line of manual wire bonders in the USA, Mexico and Canada since January of 2017. Due to customer demand, we have also started offering MPP’s line of wedges and other tools. With suppliers recently narrowing for these important tools (parent company CoorsTek has announced that Gaiser Wire Bonding Wedges will close in October), we thought it was an excellent time to feature some of MPP’s tool offerings. MPP is a leading supplier of wedges for wire interconnections in microelectronics.

MPP Wedge Bonding Tools

MPP offers a full range of tools for semiconductor manufacturing including wedge bonding, die bonding, fluid dispensing, four points probe heads, ball soldering, customized tools and more. We will focus on their wedge bonding tools in this article. While wedge bonding has always been the process of choice for wire bonding applications that use aluminum wire, today it is the preferred process for TAB, FLIP Chip and other bonding procedures.

MPP manufactures a wide variety of wedge bonding tools from various carbide materials. Most notable are their very popular tungsten carbide tools which are used for aluminum wire applications. In addition, their titanium carbide tools are suitable for gold wire wedge bonding.

MPP’s line of wedge bonding tools includes:

• Fine Wire Wedge Bonding Tools
• Heavy Wire Wedge Bonding Tools
• TAB Tools
• Destructive Test Tools

A World Leader in Fine Wire Wedges

MPP is at the top of their class and has more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture of fine wire wedges (previously under the Micro-Swiss umbrella). They provide innovative designs and optimal bonding performance. Fine wire wedges are generally used to bond aluminum, gold, or copper wires of up to 75 um diameters.

• First-in-class wedges at competitive prices
• High repeatability
• Short lead times
• Wedges range from:
• Fine Pitch Wedges to Ultra Fine Pitch Wedges (35 um pitch with a 20 um wire)
• Deep Access Wedges
• Chip-On-Board (COB) Wedges
• Notch Wedges for Microwave Applications
• Ribbon Wedges

Heavy Wire Wedge Bonding Tools

Most commonly used in automotive power modules, large diameter aluminum wire bonding is typically used in hybrid devices that require more amperes per wire. Large wire technology – ranging from about 75 or 100 um to over 500 um in diameter (3-20 mils) – includes both manual and auto-bonders which rely on heavy wire wedges. MPP’s wedges are:

• Produced with the highest quality tungsten carbide
• Utilize MPP’s proprietary advanced precision Electro-Discharge Machining (EDM) processes
• EDM ensures that the wedges are manufactured with high dimension repeatability as well as consistency
• Products offered include: V-Groove Wedges, Ribbon Wedges, Wire Cutters and Wire Guides

Tape Automatic Bonding Tools

MPP offers a range of TAB bonding tools in a variety of materials including tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, ceramics and poly-crystal diamond tip. MPP’s TAB tools include:

• Grooved Tip
• Flat Face Tip
• Round Tip
• Single Point Tool

Destructive Test Tools

Manufactured with MPP’s advanced technologies, their destructive test tools offer high reliability. Tools include:

• Bond Shear Tools
• Wire Pull Tools
• Die Shear Tools

Learn More About MPP’s Wedge Bonding Tools

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