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Announcing: HCL Hub Blades Series from K&S


NDC International is the North American distributor for Kulicke & Soffa (K&S) brand dicing blades and capillaries. K&S – founded in 1951 – is a leading global provider of semiconductor and electronic assembly solutions to the automotive, consumer, communications, computing and industrial markets. The K&S dicing blades team makes it their mission to support you in improving yields and increasing productivity to increase your profitability. We are proud to introduce you to their new generation hub blades designed for silicon wafer dicing – particularly for discrete, logic IC and LCD drivers.

High Competitive Line (HCL) Hub Blades

The new K&S HCL Hub Blades series offers superior quality and valuable features that make it a highly competitive alternative to silicon wafer dicing. Here are some of the key new features:

• Enhanced Solution for Single & Step-Cut Dicing Processes
• New Hub Design to Enable High-Spindle Frequency Application
• Standardized Part Number Choice as Universal Solution
• Shiny Hub with Enhanced Visual Control

The new aluminum hub provides high-spindle frequency application, better production throughput and extended blade life. In addition, it supports thinner blade thickness and kerf for narrow saw street silicon wafer dicing. HCL Hub Blades cut and wear very consistently and demonstrate improved vibrational control. They serve as a universal dicing solution providing a competitive, standardized solution for typical wafer types ranging from metalized street, back coated, bumped, laser grooved, and more.

Shortened Blade Pre-Dressing & Sample Evaluation Cycle

The HCL Hub Blades offer enhanced in-house blade dressing that improves diamond exposure and controls blade eccentricity. Our enhanced pre-dressing shortens blade dicing application pre-cut, shortens the pre-dressing cycle and maximizes blade cutting power. In addition, K&S will provide free DOE support in their application lab or come on site to offer support in evaluating samples to meet your needs and cost saving targets.

Learn More About K&S HCL Hub Blades

Contact Cheryl Martin at (267) 999-1266 today! Or click through to their spec sheet for some very interesting graphics demonstrating the improved kerf consistency, wear consistency and advanced vibrational control.


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