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NDC Partners with Moldex3D


Neu Dynamics is pleased to announce a working partnership with Moldex3D Northern America Inc. This partnership will allow Neu Dynamics to offer customers complete confidence that their molded parts are optimized from the start of the project. A mold filling analysis in advance of cutting steel can save not only money but time. Getting the gates and vents right the first time is essential in today’s fast moving production schedules.

Moldex3D is a leading provider of CAE software and mold filling simulation. Their worldwide experience both in Engineering grade materials, Thermoplastic and thermoset molding materials is extensive.

The team at Moldex3D has been a great resource for us and we are very pleased to call them our partner.

Neu Dynamics has a 40 year history of building complex molds for the Semiconductor, Medical and Automotive industries and the addition of this service further shows our commitment to our customers success.

Moldex3D and Neu Dynamics have worked together on several projects with great success, pinning down problems before they were set in steel. This has saved thousands of dollars for our customers. If you would like to benefit from this, please feel free to contact us for a demonstration.


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