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HANMI micro SAW Offers Superior Reliability & Productivity


NDC International has represented HANMI’s full equipment line for decades! For over 40 Years HANMI Semiconductor has focused on building partnerships and investing in a sustainable future, earning them a leading position in the semiconductor equipment industry for their design, development and manufacturing.

HANMI Now World-Leader in Dual-Chuck Saws

In June HANMI announced completion of their fourth micro SAW plant, making them the world-leader in production. They are now able to produce 1,320 dual-chuck saws each year in their South Korean plants.

Previously the semiconductor packaging saw sector was dominated by Japanese firms who owned 80% of the market share. HANMI expects that South Korean chip producers will experience significant cost savings when they choose their micro SAW and avoid the cost of importing from Japan. For our US customers, it provides an alternative to the current package sawing machines like Disco, ADT, BESI, Towa, etc.

New micro SAW from HANMI – Beats the Competition

Not only does the new HANMI micro Saw relieve supply and demand uncertainty, but it also delivers superior reliability, convenience and productivity when compared to the competition.

In a display of confidence, HANMI is offering a free warranty period of 18 months which is longer than the competition.

Introducing the micro SAW 2210A

The new micro SAW 2210A was designed to replace the integrated 3rd party saw in HANMI’s Vision Placement System.  It is backed by HANMI’s one-stop service (for both the saw and the vision placement system) and long-standing reputation.  Core advantages of the micro SAW 2210A include maximized productivity, super-precision accuracy and proven reliability.

Maximized Productivity:

  • Active Motion Profile
  • Short Cycle Time
  • Optimized Alignment

Super-Precision Accuracy:

  • Super Casting Iron
  • Individual Cutting Path
  • Post-Cutting Alignment
  • Intelligent Pattern Matching
  • Auto Jig Teaching

Proven Stability:

  • Auto Strip Protection
  • Target Search Editor
  • All-Around Water Detection
  • Smart Vacuum Pump
  • Scrap-Water Slide
  • Auto Wafer Flow Optimization
  • Intelligent Jig Teaching Calibration
  • Auto Vision Light Setting

In addition, the micro SAW 2210A gives customers the ultimate in convenience including features like auto dressing, smart cutting sequences and 8 channels.  The system has auto search and write, drag and drop and clip board capabilities as well as individual velocity control and cutting simulator.

Read the full spec sheet here.

Contact Don Johnson at (215) 355-2460 to learn more!


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