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Neu Dynamics component molding capabilities include five (5) in-house presses.

When a major domestic manufacturer of connectors, cable assemblies, and fiber optics needed a supplier for an insert molded component, they turned to Neu Dynamics Corporation.  Our long history of designing and manufacturing precision, tight tolerance molds, along with our expertise in low volume thermoset molding, made us an ideal fit.

We designed and built the mold, in close cooperation with our customer.  They supply the contacts to be over molded and we do the molding.  Our customer then incorporates the molded components into their line of electronic connectors that are sold worldwide to a variety of industries including industrial, military, aerospace, instrumentation, and telecommunications.  One success lead to another, and we currently supply multiple molded components to this customer.

Neu Dynamics component molding capabilities include five (5) in-house presses ranging from 15ton to 200ton clamping force.  We are well versed in running both thermoset and thermoplastic materials, in low volume, custom applications.  We would welcome the opportunity to quote on your next low volume custom part project.


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Neu Dynamics Success Story