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NDC Now Representing Boschman Technologies


NDC International Representing Boschman Technologies in the Eastern USA

We are very proud to announce our new relationship with Boschman Technologies.  NDC International will now be representing Boschman in the Eastern USA.  We are especially excited about Boschman’s reputation for innovation and the resulting advanced systems they offer.  Boschman specializes in the development of advanced Film-Assisted Molding (FAM) and sintering systems for electronic assembly industries across the globe.

Boschman Film-Assisted Molding Technology

Boschman’s proprietary Film-Assisted Molding technologies are an exciting advancement of the typical transfer molding process. The Film-Assisted Molding process uses one or two plastic films in the mold. This film is pulled down into the inner surfaces of the mold before the lead frames or substrates are loaded into the mold. This is followed by the usual transfer molding process.

What are the benefits of Film-Assisted Molding versus conventional transfer molding?

  • Encapsulated products are more easily released from the mold
  • Metal surfaces are kept free of sticky molding compound
  • Longer service life – the film cushions mold parts resulting in less wear

Boschman Advanced Sintering Systems

Boschman offers two advanced sintering systems.

Silver sintering is a new die attach technology offering a void-free and strong bond with high thermal and electrical conductivity – resulting in high yield and high reliability. Their system can sinter a wide range of different devices including LED, power, igbt, qfn, clip/heatsinks, thyristor and custom-designed power module devices. Boschman’s unique high-precision dynamic insert pressure-control technologies allow you to sinter multiple dies with different die thicknesses resulting in controlled and predictable bond strength.

Boschman’s fully automatic Ag sintering systems offer the absolute highest throughput available on the market. Their systems can sinter a wide range of devices from LEDs, Power Devices Clip/heatsinks assemblies, solar (CVP) cells, to custom designed power modules and more. Boschman’s Ag systems offer the largest sinter area on the market, coupled with precise process control and monitoring.

About Boschman

Boschman Technologies is based in the Netherlands and has been a high-end niche player within the semiconductor packaging equipment industry since 1987. They specialize in transfer-molding and silver sintering die-attach production solutions for semiconductor packaging with a focus on smartcards, sensors, medical, optical and power devices. Boschman Technologies is known for innovation – they have developed several patented technologies that provide state-of-the-art packaging solutions for complex, advanced and demanding sensors and chips.

Check out their website at:

Contact us to discuss how Boschman’s offerings can upgrade your packaging systems. 

Call Kevin Hartsoe at (215) 355-2460.


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