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HANMI micro SAW Leads the Pack


In May, HANMI Semiconductor was named one of the “Top 10 Semiconductor Equipment Companies” in the world by TechInsights.  HANMI was founded in 1980 and has grown over the decades to become a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

NDC has represented HANMI’s full product line for decades.  Their products include Vision Placement, EMI Shield, Bonding, Grinding and Laser equipment.  In addition, we are excited about their award-winning micro SAW which launched last year and is now available in four different models. All offering enhanced productivity, proven reliability and precision accuracy.

HANMI micro SAW Line Up

In 2021 HANMI outstepped their competitors by applying a dual chuck to micro SAW equipment improving productivity by more than 40%!  In addition, their fully automatic system significantly improved precision as well as convenience versus the semi-automatic systems of industry competitors.

Since then, the HANMI micro SAW line has evolved to include four models:

  1. The original dual-chuck micro SAW – micro SAW P2101
    • PKG Saw / Dual Chuck / 10”
    • BGA, LGA, GFN
  2. For jumbo PCBs, the 20-inch micro SAW for flip chip BGA – micro SAW P1201
    • PKG Saw / Single Chuck / 20”
    • Jumbo PCB, PLP
  3. The 12-inch micro SAW – micro SAW P1121
    • PKG Saw / Single Chuck / 12”
    • Jumbo PCB, PLP
  4. And last month the Tape micro SAW exclusively for automotive semiconductors – micro SAW T2101
    • Tape Saw / Dual Chuck / 10”
    • Sensor, Rework
Micro SAW Features

All models offer the HANMI manufacturer’s warranty, plus user convenience features like auto dressing, auto search and write, individual velocity control, smart cutting sequence, cutting simulator and drag & drop.

Other core features include:

Maximized Productivity:

      • Active Motion Profile
      • Short Cycle Time
      • Optimized Alignment

Super-Precision Accuracy:

      • Super Casting Iron (Model T2102 offers Anti-Vibration Iron Casting)
      • Individual Cutting Path
      • Post-Cutting Alignment
      • Intelligent Pattern Matching
      • Auto Jig Teaching

Proven Stability:

      • Auto Strip Protection
      • Target Search Editor
      • All-Around Water Detection
      • Smart Vacuum Pump
      • Scrap-Water Slide
      • Auto Wafer Flow Optimization
      • Auto Strip Protection
      • Intelligent Jig Teaching Calibration
      • Auto Vision Light Setting

If you are in the market for a micro SAW reach out to us to find out more about how the HANMI line can bring superior productivity and reliability to your operation.

Contact Don Johnson at 215-355-2460 for more details!


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