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K&S Capillaries: Enhanced Bonding Quality


NDC International is the North American distributor for the Kulicke & Soffa (K&S) dicing blades and capillaries. K&S Capillary Consumables has over 40 years of experience and is a leader in the semiconductors assembly industry – developing and manufacturing advanced bonding tools for a wide array of applications. Their latest capillary products offer enhanced bonding quality and best cost-of-ownership.

Quantis™ QFN: Cutting Edge Solutions for Copper Wire Bonding

Based on the most advanced ceramics composite platform, Quantis™ QFN is a copper wire bonding capillary product that capitalizes on K&S’ extensive copper wire applications experience. Incorporating innovatively engineered geometrical designs, the Quantis™ QFN is designed to handle the most difficult process challenges on a range of QFN carriers.

• New RP1™ material – highest micro-structure quality and improved resistance to failure
• Superior mechanical properties – improves consistency of performance

• Improved process stability and portability
• Larger bonding parametric (process) window
• Higher response consistency between capillaries
• Competitive cost-of-ownership
• Slower tip wear rate with enhanced design and material mechanical properties
• Enhanced workability which translates into higher productivity
• More bonds per capillary and per hour

Application Range:
• Copper wire diameter range: 0.7 – 2.5 [mil] • Copper wire type: Any
• Package carrier families: Mid pin-count QFN’s & QFP’s (and their various sub-types)

TeraCap™: Capillaries for Advanced Memory & Logic Devices

TeraCap™ is the latest capillary series for advanced memory and logic devices packaging using either gold or silver wire.

• New iZX high quality composite ceramics
• Tighter control over critical dimensions -0/+1 [μm] • Designed specifically for various memory devices structures (stacked, deep access, overhang) and bonding modes

• Excellent bonding and looping consistency (yield)
• Superior workability (MTBA – more bonds per hour)
• Extended durability (more bonds per capillary)

Application Range:
• Bond pad pitch [μm]: 40 – 120
• Wire diameter [μm]: 15 – 33
• Wire type: any gold and silver alloy wire
• Device types: any memory and logic devices

For more detailed information on these capillaries download this presentation: K&S Capillaries – Enhancing Bonding Quality with Best Cost-of-Ownership.

Contact Cheryl Martin at (267) 999-1266 for more information!


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