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NDC at SEMICON WEST: Booth #5501

SEMICON West 2017

See you at SEMICON West 2017! 

“Smart Starts Here” is the theme of SEMICON West 2017!  As our industry evolves with rapidly advancing technologies, SEMICON West offers more informative programs and expanded networking events designed to interest every participant across the diverse electronics supply chain.  Our markets are changing quickly – this year’s SEMICON West will feature the smartest new technologies and people in the industry.  Join us at SEMICON West and catch a glimpse of the future!

Visit Us at Booth #5501

NDC will be exhibiting at SEMICON from July 11 through July 13, 2017.  Stop by and say hello to Kevin Hartsoe (President) and Don Johnson (VP Sales).

MPP Wire Bonder

We will be displaying the MPP iBond5000-Dual.  This is an advanced ball/wedge bonder used for process development, production, research or added manufacturing support.  The iBond5000 provides the high yield and excellent repeatability needed for every wedge bonding application including Optoelectronic Modules, Hybrids/MCMs, Microwave Products, Discrete Devices/Lasers, Chip-on-Boards, Leads, Sensors, High-Power Devices and much more.

Avi Magid and Uri Zaks, will be on hand from Micro Point Pro in Israel to answer your questions.

PINK Cold Plasma System V6-G:  Giving Surfaces a Cool & Fresh Start

In addition, we will feature the PINK Plasma System V6-G. For many industrial processes, even minor contamination of surfaces makes the difference between success and failure. Wire bonding, potting, gluing, coating etc. always work much better on truly clean and active surfaces. Particularly if delicate materials are involved or if the problems are triggered by unspecific, random, organic contamination, manufacturers have achieved astonishing results by using low-pressure microwave plasma. It is a dry, cold way to clean and activate surfaces using oxygen gas and microwave radiation. Surfaces will stay cool and become receptive for the next production step.

Learn about how it works at our booth! Dr. Matthias Beß a Senior Process Engineer with PINK GmbH will be available to discuss the system capabilities and any potential customer requirements.

To set up an appointment to meet with us at the show, click here to contact us.

Add NDC to “My Exhibitors” or register for SEMICON West using the buttons below:

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