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Spiral Flow Test Mold

For measuring the flow of thermoset epoxy materials, the Spiral Flow mold is manufactured according to the specifications of the ASTM test number, D3123-98, and has been designed for measuring the flow of thermoset type molding compounds under specific conditions.

Mold Test Sets

Now a single, universal mold set can be used for fast transfer molding of all A.S.T.M. test specimens. Each universal set includes 2″ and 4″ dia. discs (1/8″ thick), two “Dogbone” tensile test specimens, and a 1/2″ x 1/2″ x 5″ (long) tensile bar convertible to 1/4″ x 1/2″ x 5″. Special hardened ground top and bottom plates are bolted to universal press heating platens. Also available is an injection mold test set, incorporating a variety of test parts in a single mold base.

Flash Test Molds

This flash test hand mold is designed specifically for the measurement of resin bleed flow in thermoset encapsulation materials. The use of a flash test mold is similar to the EMMI flow mold. Mold size is 5″ x 6″ and measures resin separation of epoxy molding compounds. Depth of test vents are .00025, .0005, .001, .002, and .003. Each test vent is identified and all vents are polished and chrome plated.

Thermal Heat Jackets

Our durable asbestos-free, incombustible Thermal Heat Jackets offer energy savings and a substantial improvement in product quality due to a more balanced mold temperature. The modular design of each jacket makes it easy to install and remove for cleaning.

Available Supplies

  • High Density Heaters
  • Runner Shut Off
  • Locator Pins
  • Ejector Pins
  • Core Pins
  • Mold Release – 1lb block or 19oz. spray
  • Plunger Insert Rings – Roulon, Vespel or Peek material available
  • Nylon Cavity Brushes
  • Kevlar Heat Gloves
  • Knit Inspection Gloves
  • Brass Picks