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Neu Dynamics offers a variety of services. With over 40 years of experience with our clients, we recognize the importance in keeping up to date with the latest technologies to keep advancing the quality of our services at the lowest price possible, as well as to expand our capabilities to assist our clients with their projects in a larger capacity.



Mastercam & Solidworks

One of these advanced capabilities is Mastercam and Solidworks. Our engineers here at Neu Dynamics are fully versed in the technology of 3-D Solid Modeling. Supporting a vast array of file types from most major software packages, we use the latest version of advanced software to convert those files into a 3-D model. Creating 3-D model designs for complex mold designs is essential in accurately and quickly putting your molds into use right away. With this technology, you’ll be manufacturing in no time.

Nano Technology

Our large investment in precise Nano technology mining and drilling is another field in which Neu Dynamics greatly excels. With the different sizes and precise measurements that build nano technologies for the everyday products we use, it takes the right equipment and know how. We’re proud to say we have both in order to machine the smallest features possible within various materials. Our machining center is capable of mining and drilling holes as small as .005 inches with 100% accuracy.

Hard Milling / Sodick Machine

Hard milling is essential in producing heavy-duty products that are essential to your business. Utilizing a Sodick High Speed Machining Center, we are able to hard mill extremely complex geometries in hardened cavity blocks. These state-of-the-art, highly regarded machines are among the best in the industry, and enables us to take your specs and create hardened cavities and cores with tight tolerances and impressive surface finishes. On top of this, we also manufacture intricate electrodes with solid files developed from a customer’s part file. Linking this technology up with our high speed 3-D Solid Modeling machines, our output of precise hard milled pieces is at an all time high to meet the heavy increased demand for the medical, automotive, and electronics industry. We’re proud to say, with linking out technologies, we are the world’s leader in high-precision cavitation tooling.

Fuel Cell Component Molds

Fuel Cell Component Molds are essential in a variety of industries, but it is a fact that they are, and always will be, in high demand. The cell phone in everyone’s pocket, the tablet or laptop in everyone’s bag for work; they all will require battery replacement at some point. With the growing demand for smart devices and continued use of personal computers, fuel cell component molds are, and always will be essential in keeping all of these devices running, and Neu Dynamics is certain to help keep them going. Our team of highly trained engineers are well versed in creating these the molds necessary for both compression and injection systems that are used in the development of these fuel cells. With their expertise leading the way, the manufacturing of these cells is simple, easy, and cost effective.