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Innovation in Electric Motor Rotor Cores

Electric motor technology is exploding – driving a tremendous increase in demand for our rotor motor core work! Since 2019 we have provided motor rotor cores including mold manufacturing and molding services for electric motor applications ranging from electric vehicles, to wind turbines to airplanes. We have molded several sizes of rotors for our customers including top tier automotive OEM’s.

There are a several types of electric motors on the market currently. AC induction motors tend to overheat if you accelerate too quickly. Their electrical systems will detect this and slow the engine down to avoid overheating. Permanent Magnet AC motors are the recent trend. They are less likely to overheat because there is less slip and, as a result, they can handle rapid acceleration.

What is a Permanent Magnet Electric Motor?

Electric motors consist of a stator core that remains stationary and houses inner components including a rotor hub. The rotor consists of several rotor core plates. Magnets that are positioned precisely on the rotor plates interact with other magnets in the stator core to generate torque and rotation. These rotor core magnets are permanently held in place using glue or epoxy molding compound (EMC).

Glue Versus Epoxy Molding Compound

As technology advances and demands for high production and efficiency increase in electric motor manufacturing, demands on our processes have increased as well. EV manufacturers with their requirement for fast turn-around times are driving the shift from glue to epoxy molding compounds in affixing these permanent magnets. Glue requires 24 hours to cure. EMC is set in 120-180 seconds! Other benefits include costs savings, heat resistance and chemical resistance.

Neu Dynamics designs and manufactures the gate/runner plates which fit over the rotor cores to direct the epoxy molding compound into the magnet slots. Plus, we provided molding services to make development turnkey including low to medium-volume contract thermoset molding. Our full transfer molding lab can handle a variety of molding processes and applications.

Over 45 Years of Transfer Mold Experience

We have nearly a half-century of transfer mold experience that we can leverage for your success. Let us put our experience to work for you! Neu Dynamics is uniquely capable of providing prototypes and first article quickly. The prototype work cell that we designed enables us to exceed your expected lead times! We have all the necessary equipment in place including sub-zero freezer, large prep-oven and a series of mold presses that can mold rotor cores to your exact specifications.

Contact Kevin Hartsoe or Don Johnson at (215) 355-2460 to get started!