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Our Work in Electronic Motor Rotor Cores

Electronic motors are spreading like wildfire and are now used in cars, motorcycles and even airplanes! As companies work to develop electronic motors that are more energy efficient, more powerful and that offer lower operating costs, this new technology has huge potential to reduce carbon emissions for a healthier world. Neu Dynamics is thrilled to be a part of this exciting new technology. Since the spring of 2019 we have experienced a huge increase in electronic motor rotor core work for various motor manufacturers.

Electronic Motor Rotor Core Basics

The concept of the electronic motor is straight forward. The outer housing called the stator core remains stationary and holds the inner components including the rotor hub. The rotor rotates and holds several rotor core plates.

Precisely placed permanent magnets on these rotor plates interact with magnets in the stator to create torque and maintain rotation. Plastic is transfer molded into the permanent magnet slots to hold the magnets in place.

That’s where Neu Dynamics comes into play.

Neu Dynamics: Offering Mold Manufacturing and Molding Services

Neu Dynamics designs and manufactures the gate/runner plates which fit over the rotor cores to direct the plastic into the magnet slots. In addition, we provided molding services to make development turnkey. We offer low to medium volume contract thermoset molding. Our full transfer molding lab can handle a variety of molding processes and applications. Our molding equipment includes:

• (one) Fujiwa 75 Ton
• (one) Laufer 190 Ton
• (one) Lauffer 83 Ton
• (one) Hull 15 Ton
• (one) Hull 15 Ton (for optical clear compound)
• (three) Fuji Preheaters
• (one) Post Cure Oven
• (two) Hydraulic Trim/Form Presses (one 10 & one 15 ton)
• (six) Mold Compound Storage Freezers (3 sub-zero)
• Measuring/Inspection Equipment

Putting It All Together

The client for a recent electronic motor rotor core project was thrilled with our partnership, our turnkey solution and quick turnaround. Neu Dynamics is unique in that we provide cost-effective design and manufacture of the gate/runner plates, as well as molding services. Plus, our passion for client satisfaction and customer service excellence is at the core of everything we do.

Contact Kevin Hartsoe at (215) 355-2460 to learn more about our work in electronic motor rotor cores!