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Our Work in Electronic Motor Rotor Cores

Electronic motors are spreading like wildfire and are now used in cars, motorcycles and even airplanes! As companies work to develop electronic motors that are more energy efficient, more powerful and that offer lower operating costs, this new technology has huge potential to reduce carbon emissions for a healthier world. Neu Dynamics is thrilled to be a part of this exciting new technology. Since the spring of 2019 we have …Read More

Pressure Sintering: High Quality & Reliability Parameters

Our partners from Boschman presented a white paper on Pressure Sintering earlier this month at the Electronics Packaging Technology Conference 2019 (EPTC) in Singapore. Marco H. Koelink and Johan Hamelink from Boschman Advanced Packaging Technology authored this excellent white paper which explores this relatively new preferred technology for automotive power electronics and the parameters which are presently known to affect quality. In addition, they present several possible measurement and inspection …Read More

NDC: Your Contract Molding Experts

For over 20 years Neu Dynamics Corporation (NDC) has been offering a level of expertise in contract molding services that sets us above the rest! We have a dedicated Contract Molding Team that is ready to assist you in achieving your needs on schedule, at the lowest possible price and with the best quality materials. NDC provides a unique combination of technology and experience in the design and production of …Read More

Announcing: HCL Hub Blades Series from K&S

NDC International is the North American distributor for Kulicke & Soffa (K&S) brand dicing blades and capillaries. K&S – founded in 1951 – is a leading global provider of semiconductor and electronic assembly solutions to the automotive, consumer, communications, computing and industrial markets. The K&S dicing blades team makes it their mission to support you in improving yields and increasing productivity to increase your profitability. We are proud to introduce …Read More

Now Available: MPP Wedge Bonding Tools!

NDC International has been representing the Micro Point Pro LTD (MPP) line of manual wire bonders in the USA, Mexico and Canada since January of 2017. Due to customer demand, we have also started offering MPP’s line of wedges and other tools. With suppliers recently narrowing for these important tools (parent company CoorsTek has announced that Gaiser Wire Bonding Wedges will close in October), we thought it was an excellent …Read More

Featuring: budatec Vacuum Soldering Systems

NDC International representing budatec GmbH in North America. Budatec is based in Berlin, Germany and specializes in developing equipment for the semiconductor and photovoltaics industries. They are a technological leader in this segment specializing in the use of hydrogen and plasma gases. Their customers include top technology companies, R&D departments of well-known institutes and universities. Budatec’s Innovative Vacuum Soldering Systems Increase Your Production Budatec has more than 20 years of …Read More

Best-In-Class Contract Molding Team

Neu Dynamics Corporation’s (NDC) dedicated Contract Molding Team stands ready to assist clients with their toughest problems! Offering best-in-class technologies and service, they go the extra mile to make sure our customers get the best molded product, on cost and on time. Here are a few examples of how our contract molding team has met customer needs recently: • A long-time customer came to Neu Dynamics with a very serious …Read More

K&S Capillaries: Enhanced Bonding Quality

NDC International is the North American distributor for the Kulicke & Soffa (K&S) dicing blades and capillaries. K&S Capillary Consumables has over 40 years of experience and is a leader in the semiconductors assembly industry – developing and manufacturing advanced bonding tools for a wide array of applications. Their latest capillary products offer enhanced bonding quality and best cost-of-ownership. Quantis™ QFN: Cutting Edge Solutions for Copper Wire Bonding Based on …Read More

Contract Molding Services

Neu Dynamics Corporation (NDC) has been offering contract molding services for over 20 years. NDC provides a unique combination of technology and experience in the design and production of precision molds and dies for the medical, semiconductor, automotive, electronics and plastics industries. We offer a range of tool sizes from prototype hand molds to multi-cavity production molds, providing turnkey services to design manufacturing molds to your exact needs. Our goal …Read More

Spotlight On: MPP’s iBond 5000 Series

About Micro Point Pro Ltd. Founded in 2010, Micro Point Pro Ltd. (MPP) is a global leader in the semiconductor industry offering comprehensive solutions for high-precision tools for the micro-electronics and packaging industries. MPP acquired Kulicke and Soffa’s wire bonder business three years ago. Today MPP offers a range of machines from the well-known 4500 Series to the advanced iBond 5000 Series. Their Ball, Wedge and Dual Wire Bonders offer …Read More